Bluetooth poster

Channel 4 was the first advertiser to sign up to a new series of poster sites on the London Underground that lets a user download content to their phone using Bluetooth technology.

The poster network covers 15 six-sheet poster sites at stations in central London. Channel 4 is using the posters to promote FourDocs, its broadband documentary channel that encourages the public to view and make their own four-minute documentaries.

Bluetooth posters are a new and exciting way of advertising your product or service. Poster sites are part of our way of life and your cannot go a day without noticing one.

The introduction of Bluetooth Proximity advertising within the Poster unit will increase the awareness of the advertisement and also enhance what the advertisement can deliver.

An hotspot logo on the poster will allow people to download more details about the product or service, it can tell your where your nearest retailer is located or even give you the capability to buy it now either through reverse billing or using Paypals new mobile service.

Bluetooth advertising poster sheet systems come in a variety of sizes and specifications from internal exhibition full lit sytems to outdoor all weather fully lit systems.