Bluetooth proximity server

A proximity Bluetooth server can be used in many ways to broadcast information to other Bluetooth enabled devices like laptops, PDA’s and mobiles phone. The frequency of scanning, the hold off period and the range can be modified to change its objective. The server can act as an automated scanning, polling and sending device or a hotspot for delivering rich media or access to internet, extranet or intranet services. It also has the ability to offer a pay now service.

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Have you ever done advertising for free, using bluetooth as an access point you can send ads to mobile devices.

That’s it free advertisement to a mobile device. We have created a server software system to automatically find bluetooth endabled mobile devices and broadcast adverts.

You can create a free campaign when marketing to the devices using the bluetooth hardware. This a tool that beats all tools for sending messaging to a mobile phone. The proximity software can be run on a basic laptop and can be used for sending bluetooth messages direct to any bluetooth enabled device. This is a great way of using this technology.