Entertainment Venues

Increasing the total number of customers is the first step most business owners and managers take to grow their business.

Using a Bluetooth-based system to reduce costs at entertainment venues.

A Bluetooth-based system is a short-range wireless system supported by many mobile devices like laptops, PDAs and mobile phones, and can be used for proximity marketing. The process of Bluetooth based proximity marketing involves setting up Bluetooth node for broadcasting at a particular location and then scanning then sending information which can be text, images, audio or video to bluetooth enabled devices within range of the device. To maximise the chances of recipients having compatible equipment you can be sent in vCard format. VCard is a basic standard for address book information. Send a text to bluetooth devices in range of 100m like a Nokia mobile phone.

Losses can occur when inexperienced sales personnel are put in charge of designing and implementing a marketing program – investing corporate resources to find more customers.

Executed correctly, basic marketing strategies cost efficiently produce new prospects who are ready, willing and able to buy products or services. The main purpose of a marketing strategy is to give sales personnel prospects to convert into paying customers.

Rewarding existing customers for referring new ones is one easy step business owners can take to increase their total number of customers.