Using bluetooth proximity push at kiosk like at the ATM where you will get a stead stream of traffic that is either queing to use the kiosk or using the kiosk. By advertising while these people wait or use the machine which could be in the region of 2 to 3 minute you will be able to get your advertisement across without any issues. This could ideal for Banks or nearby retail shops who either want to supply the user with new services or advertise special offers for products on sale. You could say that it is easier to send the same message to every one via a text message or media message.

Why BMS (Bluetooth Messaging Service) and not SMS(text messaging services)?

SMS and MMS are considered spam in some countries (not permission based service), and have the disadvantage that they can’t include pictures (SMS). While MMS can include multimedia files, they are usually very expensive and not supported by all mobile phones or networks. If you would like to reach many customers at the same time you would have to increase your budget. With SMS/MMS you can’t recognize the location of the customer (LBS=Location Based Services), therefore can’t send location-based information. BMS is a Permission Based Service, where the customer has the option to decline or accept the message. If the message is accepted, the chances of being read are 99.9%. By using BMS, you know exactly where your customer is, therefore you send special promotions or last minute offers.

This solution is the perfect choice if you would like to leverage on this new way of advertising, and would like to run campaigns throughout the year for special occasions or holidays. This version gives you the opportunity to change your campaigns every day, week or month. Your stores or locations will benefit with this attractive way to reach out customers. (more)

With the Ad2Hand product line you can send any type of advertisement or relevant information to your customers or employees using Bluetooth Technology. The only requirement is to have a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone or PDA, and most important, it is not necessary to have a special software or application installed.

By sending BMS (Bluetooth Messaging Service) it is absolutely free, no fees or hidden cost. Whether you receive a message or use the 2-way interaction there is no cost.