Poster Sites

Our products include the latest and most important features to run independent and effective marketing campaigns. Among these features we have timer functions that allow you to set the exact timing of the messages, the important 2-way messaging that gives the chance to your customers to request the information or files they need, the option to send different files from one single folder in a random order, the smart folder option which allows you to send one file after the other (thus not repeating files), games and much more. (more)

Bluetooth proximity advertising on a billboard not only turns the bill board or poster site into a hotspot but also assists the intensity of the advertisement you are using. Not every body looks directly at a poster site because they are common placed but if your use a bluetooth proximity system you can attract the traffic towards the way of the advertisement, this also leads to the use of bluetooth proximity hotspotting and allows you to supply brochures, video or audio about the advertisement. This techique of using bluetooth marketing with you poster marketing will give you the edge over your competitors.