Train and Bus Stations

Owners and managers spend most of their time operating their business and searching for new customers. They often overlook the customers they see regularly. These repeat customers are usually taken for granted and left to conduct entire transactions without ever being asked if they would like to buy more product or service.

At bus or train stations you have the ability to gather new business because the target traffic is stationary waiting for a bus or train and have nothing else to other than read a paper or magazine or use their mobile phone to text or talk.

Complacency, expecting customers to buy a minimum amount of product or service without ever being asked to buy more, can be the undoing of a business. This attitude can eventually cause customers to spend less money. Customers who aren’t continuously offered compelling reasons to keep buying more of the same products and services from one business will look for new reasons to buy from another.

Cross selling and upselling, systematically offering customers more value via additional products or services at the point of sale, are two simple steps business owners can take to increase their average transaction amount.