Bluetooth hotspot

Setting up a Bluetooth proximity hotspot is relativly easy to do. The difficulty is letting people know that there is one close by. The typical way of telling people is by placing the unit within a poster unit and advertising on the poster that a bluetooth hotspot exists. This is the simple way of making people aware. Why have a bluetooth hotspot and not use it in conjunction with a poster unit to tell people via their mobile that the bluetooth hotspot exists.

Setting up a simple Bluetooth hotspot


Things you can do with a Bluetooth proximity hotspot?

You can allow people to share files:

What files can I send through an Hotspot ?

Images as .gif or .jpg files

Text as .txt files

Animated images as animated .gif files

Audio as mp3, mp4, wav and ringtones

Video as 3gp or mp4 files

Macromedia Lite as .wmv files

Java Applications as .jar files


Business Card files and Calendar Event files (.vcf , vcard)

And any file supported by a mobile phone (even .xls, .doc, .pdf ,etc)

Applications (.sis)

Send games via Bluetooth Marketing in the form of Java or Nokia SIS application builder, this makes it a great way of previewing free games for mobiles sending by Bluetooth will cost you very little.

You can share or gather calendar events, bookmarks or contact information and use this information (if allowed) to send more information or newsletters.