Field Marketing

Delivering marketing content via bluetooth.

Our state-of-the arts Mobile Marketing products, will change how your customer perceive your business. With Ad2Hand you can deliver plethora of information without physically interacting with customer by the ability to send multiple text messages via bluetooth. Information such as coupons, ring-tones, wallpaper, mobile games, theatrical trailers, business cards, marketing materials, and advertisements can be delivered or downloaded on mobile devices with ease.

Technical Information About Bluetooth Data Transmission:

Bluetooth provides up to 720 Kbps data transfer within a range of 10 meters, and up to 100 meters with a power boost. Unlike infra red, which requires a clear line of sight, Bluetooth uses radio waves that can transmit through walls and other non-metal barriers. Bluetooth transmits in the 2.4GHz band and uses a frequency hopping technique that changes its signal 1600 times per second. If there is interference from other devices, the transmission does not stop.