We have many ways of advertising or marketing to mobile phones:

SMS When a text is sent to a list of mobile phone numbers

MMS, same as SMS but more costly per delivery.

WAP push which pushed an advertisement to a list of mobile phone numbers, double opt in required.

Apple allows you to use iAD within iphone / ipad / ipod apps

Android allows you to use Googles Mobile ads within Apps. Opt in is done on installation of the app.

Android Cloud to Device Messaging Framework

Using PHP, Zend Framework and Android C2DM

Windows Phone 7 advertising. Allows you to build ads within WP7 apps.

Viral marketing via mobile phone:

Quality comedy will be shared, the content normally advertises a product or service.

Location based advertising:

Bluetooth that delivers ads in the proximity of an area, Opt in is required to view the advert

Network delivery that relates to the opt in GPS location


Bluetooth V4 – a Greater distance to deliver adverts

Wifi – Direct – A peer 2 peer technology that can be used in the same way as Bluetooth to connect up, greater distance leading to a greater coverage.