Long range Bluetooth for Marketing

BlueGiga have released a new module that used version 3 and has a 1000 meter range. If BlueGiga are releasing this technology then are we expecting Bluetooth to reach further in general? WT41 is truly a long range Bluetooth module offering impressive 1000 meters range between two WT41 Bluetooth modules. The module utilizes Bluegiga’s sophisticated […] bluetooth advertising software update

Just to let you know that we have updated the free software. Due to a new bug that caused a loop in the system we have added a new function as well as removing this bug you can click on the ‘output’ tab on the right and it will show you what is happening. […]

Bluetooth advertising software for free has been updated

I have done some minor tweeks to the software to allow timeouts, please update you software or uninstall / install the software again, you can request a download from here .  Please let us know if you are having any issues with the software so we can improve it. You can add your comments on […]

Bluetooth version 4 (low energy protocols)

On December 12, 2009 the Bluetooth SIG published the adoption of Bluetooth low energy wireless technology as the hallmark feature Bluetooth Core spec version 4. More reading I think you should look where this is going and the Future: Broadcast channel Enables Bluetooth information points. This will drive the adoption of Bluetooth into mobile […]

Bluetooth version 3 and the effect on Bluetooth marketing

Version 3 of the Bluetooth protocol was release on April 21 2009, it is to support up to 24Mbit/s, Alternate MAC/PHY for transporting Bluetooth profile data, Unicast connectionless data, encryption keys on the HCI and enhanced Power. You can read the wiki here The Enhanced power, unicast and 24mbMbit/s would have a massive effect […]

We have just updated the web site

Due to massive demand and requests for support we have changed the website and how things work. First of all we have added a location for support and news so we can add common questions and answers about the software and news that may help you. As we are branching out to Android and Windows […]