Long range Bluetooth for Marketing

BlueGiga have released a new module that used version 3 and has a 1000 meter range. If BlueGiga are releasing this technology then are we expecting Bluetooth to reach further in general? WT41 is truly a long range Bluetooth module offering impressive 1000 meters range between two WT41 Bluetooth modules. The module utilizes Bluegiga’s sophisticated […] bluetooth advertising software update

Just to let you know that we have updated the free software. Due to a new bug that caused a loop in the system we have added a new function as well as removing this bug you can click on the ‘output’ tab on the right and it will show you what is happening. […]

Bluetooth advertising software for free has been updated

I have done some minor tweeks to the software to allow timeouts, please update you software or uninstall / install the software again, you can request a download from here .  Please let us know if you are having any issues with the software so we can improve it. You can add your comments on […]

Bluetooth version 4 (low energy protocols)

On December 12, 2009 the Bluetooth SIG published the adoption of Bluetooth low energy wireless technology as the hallmark feature Bluetooth Core spec version 4. More reading I think you should look where this is going and the Future: Broadcast channel Enables Bluetooth information points. This will drive the adoption of Bluetooth into mobile […]

Bluetooth version 3 and the effect on Bluetooth marketing

Version 3 of the Bluetooth protocol was release on April 21 2009, it is to support up to 24Mbit/s, Alternate MAC/PHY for transporting Bluetooth profile data, Unicast connectionless data, encryption keys on the HCI and enhanced Power. You can read the wiki here The Enhanced power, unicast and 24mbMbit/s would have a massive effect […]