Bluetooth version 4 (low energy protocols)

On December 12, 2009 the Bluetooth SIG published the adoption of Bluetooth low energy wireless technology as the hallmark feature Bluetooth Core spec version 4.

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I think you should look where this is going and the Future:

Broadcast channel
Enables Bluetooth information points. This will drive the adoption of Bluetooth into mobile phones, and enable advertising models based around users pulling information from the information points, and not based around the object push model that is used in a limited way today.
Topology management
Enables the automatic configuration of the piconet topologies especially in scatternet situations that are becoming more common today. This should all be invisible to users of the technology, while also making the technology “just work.”

If you are using Bluetooth to advertise then it is possible to piggy back on all the bluetooth enabled devices out there, if they are saying connectionless data in version 3 and low power in version 4 are they talking about a p2p scenario that will allow you to push you ads via loads of devices without connection?

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