Bluetooth marketing with a free software solution

bluetooth advertising on mobile devicesBluetooth Advertising to Mobile devices using our Bluetooth Marketing software is one of the new ways to get ahead of your competitors, Bluetooth Marketing will reduce costs and increase the return on investment compared to your usual advertising techniques.

We are able to smooth out these issues with Bluetooth Marketing. When using Proximity Marketing via a Bluetooth transmitter it is possible to target potential customers in a local area like a Club or Conference center and because nearly every person in the UK has a mobile phone and most of the mobiles are Bluetooth enabled you can send out Calendar events, Address information, Images, audio or event video.

With a range of 100 meters (standard transmitter) it is possible to scan for Bluetooth enabled mobile phones within proximity of our device then depending on what you are trying to achieve with your campaign and send a small text voucher to bring customers closer then supply then with images, audio or video to sell your product or service.  The software we have available is free to download and use on any Windows XP pro sp3 or Vista platform with a Bluetooth device.

Bluetooth ads are made practical by the growing density of Bluetooth in Western countries. In all of Western Europe, 19 percent of cell phones will be Bluetooth-enabled by the end of this year, according to Strategy Analytics, nearly doubling to 64 million from 35 million last year.

Filter said it believes the density in the United Kingdom is higher, upward of 30 percent.

The billboards detected 87,000 unique discover able handsets, of which 13,000 opted to receive the material, a response rate of about 15 percent very high by advertising industry standards.

These are some of the files types that can be sent to mobile phones.